” Inovação e criatividade marcam sempre a diferença, em qualquer tempo e lugar.
Para além do comum, do básico ou do que já tem.
Nós aceitamos o desafio.
E você?”
Our company ESPÍRITO INÉDITO specializes in exporting all over the world in a wide range of products from the industry to the house.
We have a large experience with several african countries like Angola, Moçambique, Guiné Bissau, Cabo Verde, São Tomé e Príncipe. We have sold from hotels & resorts equipments, to multi-propose halls, several construction projets and industry areas.

We sell EX-WORKS, CIF or FOB, according to our clients needs.

Our mission in ESPÍRITO INÉDITO is to add value to our customer business aiming at the total satisfaction of our clients.
We work so that the products we sell will acrue to the productivity, efficiency, security and wll-being of ours customers life sytle.
People, so we value team work and our customers satisfaction.

Criativity, so we value innovative products, we like challenges, we can always do better and go farther.

Quality, so we value time & money, each investment must acrue value in time & money.